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If you suffer from pollen, dust or mould allergy - and do not want to take over-the-counter antihistamines, do not despair! These are the best natural remedies I have come across - they truly work and have no ill side effects:

Now Pycnogenol 100mg - 1-2 capsules daily - take with or without meals 

Enzymedica Allerase - 1 capsule 3x daily - away from food

Boiron Histaminum 30C (Histaminum Hydrochloricum) - antihistamin homeopatic remedy - taken as often as needed and away from food and drink (at least 15 mins) - non-drowsy 


You can purchase them at iherb:

Remember, any kind of allergy is a form of inflammation. That is why powerful anti-inflammatory herbs can be so helpful.

There are cheaper herbs than Pycnogenol you can try - turmeric or the extract curcumin, quercetin, bromelain or simply pine bark extract.

Pycnogenol is a French marine pine bark extract and is a patented product. What is sold as pine bark extract usually comes from Chinese pine bark and while it is also anti-inflammatory, the potency and healing power are nowhere near to Pycnogenol. 

Allerase is an interesting product! We all know how digestive and other enzymes are crucial for proper digestion. However, not many of us realise that taking certain chosen enzymes AWAY from food will target mucus and airborne particles (pollen, dust, mould spores) in the body. 

While the two above supplements take a little time to start working (a few days at least), when you absolutely MUST have some histamine relief, a homeopathic remedy that will work with your own body's production of histamine pretty much instantly is needed. The effects wear off after 30-60 minutes, I find, so you need to have your little dispenser at hand and remember to take a few pellets as and when required.


The good news is that all these remedies are safe while pregnant and breastfeeding and do not only cover the unpleasant symptoms - they are helping your body heal and balance itself! 

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